A Cure for Madness (Part 1)

As it turns out, this may actually be so long I need more than two parts. It’s amazing what I can get out of just writing as I walk around on Teldrassil.


Itharian hummed a quiet tune as his feet ploughed into the muddy ground, twigs cracking under the weight of his plate armour; he took a sweeping glance across the path and the enormous stone gate before him. Moving forward, he mumbled vague polite greetings to the two sentinels at the entrance, rustling up his map from a backpack to examine where to go from here.

His gaze swept over to where there was a small circle labelled “Pools of Arlithrien”, tapping his finger on it; moonwells were known to have some rejuvenating properties after all, perhaps it would be apt to look for them all and document any given effect. He was sure, after all, that his travels would bring no avail – thus the decision he made was to record his efforts in a journal so that it could be of later use.

Sufficed to say, it was blank so far. Most of the elves in Darnassus had barely noticed him, let alone ask why he was circling the city in a trance-like state of thought; so the time had come to, temporarily at least, depart from the ‘forests of stone’ and venture into the woods. Sword and lantern in hand he started to move, in a not particularly subtle manner, through the undergrowth, startling more than a dozen animals before he reached a collection of shallow pools of water, with one of the glistening moonwells at the bottom on an elevated position.

As he drew closer, the light from the lantern seemed all but redundant, a peculiarly warm glow washing over him; it was nothing that he had really known before, not even when he held the light in his hands on a daily basis. It was strange; alien perhaps, highlighting the primary reason why Kalimdor had appealed to begin with – unfamiliar lands, unfamiliar traditions – unfamiliar treatments. Yet not much seemed to prepare him for the strange but comforting feeling of the presence of a moonwell.

Was this his cure for madness? No, for sure it was playing strange tricks on his mind, but nothing that cleared the kaleidoscopic haze from his thoughts entirely. It was a start, however, so he sat upon the stone by the moonwell and wrote, recording simplistically;

 ‘Extremely wierd; alien. Comforting, though. Checking all other locations of these for consistency.’

So his stay at the Pools of Arlithrien was short-lived, but notable. Checking off Shadowglen as a final destination, his next course was north – to the Oracle tree. Perhaps this was another thing to investigate, whilst sampling the bewildering auras of the moonwells.


So. First publicised piece of writing. Notes to be had – Teldrassil is a giant tree. I shit you not, and there are many trees growing on it. Long story. Anyway, if you’re reading it and want context;

Moonwells are… Well, bluntly put mystical ponds of mysticalness, with healing and regenerative properties. And very spiritual to the native elfie types. Itharian is a human. Enjoy.


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