A Cure for Madness


A Cure for Madness is the title of the first instalment of my writing projects, Warcraft ones in particular. For those readers from Earthen Ring, my main server, you may or may not know that Itharian is somewhat mad and/or insane or at the very least eccentric. And, having not been one thinking so straight, took a jokey comment by someone rather seriously and set off on a quest; A Cure for Madness.

A quest that, seeing as it is just about impossible, at least medicinally, is going to last a long time and take me well across the continents. There’s plenty of realistic logic behind that. Wouldn’t life be better for schizophrenics if we could cure madness?

For the clueless (that is anyone who’s not as nerdy as me); yes, roleplay exists in the Warcraft franchise, and notably so in the MMORPG branch (It’s in the RPG bit) and it’s also percieved as one of the nerdiest things to do in the nerdiest of games.

I’m a nerd. And I’m happier to be a nerd than most other “categories” of human, who are mostly dipshits anyway.


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