The Scaled Orphan (Part 1)

To say people underestimate how important Radzi percieves motherhood would be an understatement. Where a lot of people on WoW treat a child as more of a gimmick because of the way RP is, such things inevitably take up a lot of Radzi’s time – as she has Snowy, a blood child ‘and’ occasionally an oracle orphan to cater for. Between her work in labs and her children there ‘is’ no time. As such she takes being a mother extremely seriously – moreso children – as such will be majorly annoyed at anyone killing a child’s parents. Thus born is the reasoning for her actions.

The peculiar device hummed, the dials swinging to and fro as the gnome held the aerial against the ruined column, tiny cogs whirring in the background. She sighed, lightly scribbling a trio of incomprehensible runic markings into her notepad. ‘Just write them down’ they said. Radzi set off again with a weary sigh, her eyes sweeping over the ancient Night Elven ruins; ‘trust them to build on ley lines; also trust the blue flight to be making my job a nightmare’, she thought. Although suddenly in the corner of her eye there was a flash of cyan crystal; it looked to be jutting out of some sort of shell.

Approaching cautious, nudging her lever-pistol free, Radzi crept upon it, slackening as it quickly became clear that it was an egg; an egg of the blue dragonflight. She frowned. “Is this a trap? They wouldn’t keep it here…” Then it clicked and she smiled. Suppose it was infertile? The would make it redundant to protect. Clumsily acquiring the last recording on a random wall, well in the knowledge that it was going to make no difference, Radzi quickly heaved the egg onto her back, shuffling awkwardly toward the deactivated mechanostrider. Her ears rotated this way and that, picking up some irritated yells just as she was tying the egg to the ‘strider;

“Where is that bloody egg!?” screeched a female voice – sounding decidedly goblin – “I told you to put it here! How hard can it be?!” After this, it was only muffled complaints as her lackeys denied everything and split up to look for it. Radzi frowned, now reconsidering the infertility of the egg momentarily before being reassured by the fact a goblin was handling it. Most sentient creatures struggle to survive being transported by goblins.

Taking a brief glance over the hill, she saw that they were scouting the same few square metres of terrain around the column where the egg used to be; and lo and behold among them was a tiny, raging pea-green goblin, surrounded by completely disinterested trolls. Radzi eyed her palm as flames crept over the skin, an arcane mist forming around it and igniting; and the goblin found the patch of ground besides her erupting in a seemingly spontaneous flame. “What in the nethers was that?! Is that another dragon? We can take down another one! Where do you think we got the egg?!”

The gnome on the verge raised her eyebrows, then narrowing her eyes with a sharp growl. Taking a careful aim, tendrils of magic formed between her fingers and the air shimmered, and naught but a few seconds later, the goblin squawked; or should we say bleated? Radzi couldn’t help but giggle as the angry goblin ran around as a sheep for the best part of a minute, much to the amusement of the spectating trolls. Much to the delight of their seemingly disembodied attacker, they bunched up into a circle with the goblin in the centre. The time for playing with them was done.

A grim silence overtook the basin as the group waited, their breath held as they prepared for the next spell. The temperature in Azshara was already relatively cold, but as a blue glow came about the ground the air seemed dry as the vapour in the air froze to their faces; and in a flurry of condensing mists, large shards of ice froze in mid-air above them, and thundered down towards them. Just as they were scattering, all of the goblin’s trollish minions took a shard to the spine – or the face, and the goblin clawed helplessly at the ground as one pinned her by her legs to the floor.

As the goblin looked up with blurry eyes, blackness moving in and out of her vision as she blinked, she glared at Radzi who turned up with the egg under one arm. “Thieving gnome! You haven’t won! I’ll be back!” The gnome stared back in silence, levelling her pistol with the goblin’s face, “Nothing you say will bring the egg’s mother back. For that…”

A gunshot echoed across the basin, echoing off the ridges as birds scattered from the trees, “For that you won’t be back.”


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