Characters in Focus: Doctor Radzi Tesla

Radzi is not my oldest character, but she certainly has the most incarnations. She is the only character I have replicated twice from the original Earthen Ring character. So why?

Firstly and probably most importantly she is a gnome; as such is a woman of SCIENCE!; and as the surname implies she is no stranger to electrocuting things. Gnomes, after all, choose their surnames based on a discovery. So yeah, by claiming that Radzi invented the tesla coil (or the tesla turret if you look at Toshley’s station) I am sort of implying that my character invented alternating current which is… Big. To say the least. So she claims to have discovered it. Claims. Yes. Arse successfully covered.

Anyway, Radzi is one of my stranger personalities due to the fact that even between three different versions – she is consistently a motherly and friendly character, although she can get a little bit irritated. She’s also rather homophobic and believes in the family ideal. All in all, she has enough well-rounded traits to be consistently good to play. Now, the incarnations.

Earthen Ring, the original Radzi Tesla. She was originally a character made for a roleplay project in Hillsbrad, when that flopped she migrates south to join the Stormwind Tribunal in.. Stormwind! That was an interesting period, serving the crown and all that. However, as happens with all people who think too much, the authority starts to look considerably less righteous in the long run. So she breaks away, and ever since has been devoted to SCIENCE! and also for finding truth. Journalism. Huh, not something I associate with truth in modern days.

Argent Dawn EU houses Radzi-2, who starts where ER-Radzi is now minus children pretty much, so there’s not much to say except she is my instrument of elitism on that sodding server.

Radzi-3 is a conceptual one, the ideal, the ultimate scientist – the ultimate tesla-tronics expert. Her aspirations. Well, who can blame her. Rest in peace, Nikola Tesla – you really died an unsung hero.

All in all, Radzi is a versatile character and it shows. She’s also the most huggable character I’ve ever created. I’m not sure how I managed it. But I did.


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