… Kind of.

I guess I lied about being alive.

That was… Four years ago, now? Near as makes no difference. If any of you who I prodded to follow me back in the day are seeing this, then, hello, my email address still hasn’t changed, if you feel like saying hello it’s alistair.tree on Skype. That’s a dot in between the words.

I have to admit whenever I’ve tried blogging it’s always been to very variable degrees of success. When I say ‘success’ I quantify that as actually remembering to update it, and put things on it. As evidenced by the fact my tumblr has also gathered dust, although it is somewhat more up to date with my life than this one:


But I know why. It’s because of an acute awareness that I lack the reliability, the memory and the conscious effort required to spread the word around and keep it up to date. Which is unfortunate but not unexpected.

That aside. I received an email that reminded me this blog… Exists. I went back, and I read through some of the writing I did for my old Warcraft characters – most of whom are still going, even if not half as actively as before. And while I don’t know if I can trust myself to update this… I was made to think.

Someone went and found this. This place is four years old. And that’s… Interesting. Could’ve been an accident, it’s that random. But you know what?

I’m going to put this place on my favourites again and maybe I’ll remember to put things on it. No promises, because I clearly can’t trust my own promises. So, I shall also make this… A catch-up post, so it’s at least in the right theatre of time – I was still in High School when I was doing this stuff.

I am no longer in High School. Obviously. I am now studying Chemistry at Newcastle University, with a module in Physical Chemistry (having chosen between it and a medicinal module), am in my 2nd year and have actually just done my first exam of the summer to a reception of “eh, could have been a lot worse”. Key hobbies still include creative writing and computer gaming – a constant I’m not sure will ever truly change, even if the games I play and the things I write do. Speaking of which.

My writing priorities have changed. While my characters on World of Warcraft remain some of my eldest and most in-depth, it’s no longer the game I play most keenly. I shan’t easily forget my time there, obviously, but the train has moved to Star Wars: The Old Republic. To that end, I may or may not end up posting some of the pieces from that world that I am most proud of here if I remember to.

Related; while I can think of only one person I knew back then who might actually care about this particular detail. Chemistry is the Science I found most interesting, and thus is why I took it to university with an aim to making a career out of it in the end (although I am now acutely aware that the chances are I will use the degree as a gateway to a totally different theatre of work). However.

I knew then and I know now that it’s not what I would do for a living if I thought I had a choice. I want to write. It’s the thing I enjoy rather a lot. In my time I’ve written entirely creative fantasy works. Star Wars pieces, Warcraft pieces, and there are plans in my documents for Mass Effect and Warhammer works – and others. I am possibly simultaneously the most inconsistent but prolific author, which amuses me more than disappoints me if I’m honest.

There we go. Up to date, more or less. My most commonly used name is now “He of Many Names”, as I am on Skype, being alternately referred to as Conspicuous Tree, Alistair, Noriam, Riana, Na’sira, Kyrian (Pinched this one from someone by accident, pardon me there, didn’t even realise I did it until afterwards), and a host of other minor names as well.

Now. The only thing I can tentatively call a plan for this place is that I saw that I did a ‘character spotlight’ for Radzi Tesla and that’s an idea I rather like, so if I do something specifically for the Penguin in the Blogosphere, that’s what I’ll start with. Otherwise, it’ll be links to Star Wars: The Old Republic related fiction as that’s what’s in abundance right now.

As a post-script, I will give a tentative thanks to Don Charisma. I… Don’t know why you’re following this blog, or indeed what twist of fate led you here, but … Well. I can do a lot worse than people making me reflective. Even if it is entirely by accident.




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