Deep Thinking

I’ve considered multiple times in the past whether I should throw down and say “I am doing writing and you can’t stop me!”

I think I’ve usually decided that it’s safer to find some stability first and then work on writing as a career from there. I don’t think that’s going to stop me trying to write some pieces over the impending summer holidays, but I’ve accrued a few unexpected followers – writers, editors, the likes…

So I did a little revamp. While I rather liked the black-and-purple thing in the background I’ve decided to straighten out the theme and update the name – funny how a few pairs of eyes, even implied, on your work can make you think just a little bit more about how you present it. I’ve read around a little bit, and tentatively I’d say there’s a bastion of support I can try to tap into in the blogosphere. And … Maybe I will.

I don’t know if this blog will be the start of me taking this a little more seriously ‘earlier’, and I suspect it’s very difficult to be certain with my unpredictable focus; but the fact I have an idea for something to put up here already has to mean something.



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