Quickies: Blood and Glass

Blood and Glass

Young Mirialan Jedi Katheri Iryllis (Star Wars: The Old Republic, Progenitor EU) stirs restlessly through a nightmare after a troubling day.

Katheri started, eyes jolting open abruptly as if something had stabbed her. Hands grasped for her training ‘sabre, but it wasn’t there. She shivered and stared up into the sky, but very little was there to see. A crushing expanse of black nothingness, and perhaps it would have no defined existence if it were not for the vast crimson sphere in the sky; a seemingly blood-drenched moon that ensorcelled her and forced her eyes down to the nightmarish land ahead.

Silent ebony seas stirred in the distance, lightless fluid washing on jagged shores, creeping in between sharp shapes she could not quite perceive. A heathenish compulsion drove her forward and immediately an ethereal pain coursed up her from her feet; a glance down betrayed the source, trickles of blood dribbled down blackened glass fronds, this unfathomable place’s evident substitute for grass and it spread on ahead of her.

Still she ran.

Fear drove her into forests of towering trees whose branches were gnarled and unnatural, with an unearthly sheen of obsidian across its bark and leaves, if they could ever be called such. The sheer weight of darkness pressed down on her shoulders as she ran, oppressing the fearful little Mirialan as she sprinted across cutting and slicing bladed grass, until at long last one leg faltered and she staggered forward, plummeting face first towards the swords of glass, bringing up her arms to cover her eyes, and with a final sharp explosion of pain…


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