A Cure for Madness (Part 2)

Part 2 is in the form of a journal entry by Itharian. This is kind of me experimenting with different ways to do things, but it should be all right anyway.


7th of September

First notable encounter with (conscious) native elves, today. Granted, just the one at first. He seemed mystified when I explained what I was doing, and rather agreed with my assessment that I was unlikely to find any useful treatments for the ailments in question.

Not so, in fairness; The shiny-pools of mysticism seemed more than mind-clearing to me, but they aren’t exactly a full-blown treatment for the unnerved psychi. All that considered, the conversation derailed something into customs and perspectives – almost like nearly every talk I had with Riana.

Standing by and just listening was entertaining, proving that even those apparently serene elves disagree on many things too, to the point of quite heated debates. interesting conversation about attractions to other species managed to develop; there was this nice chap saying he thought all humans looked the same and were ugly. I agreed on the first part at least, although a passing elven lady disagreed with both; curious. I just thought they all looked kind of strange, rather than ugly. Must be the blue skin and enormous ears.

After a debate about applying my theoretical cure to theĀ deranged or otherwise wayward elves of Stormwind (incidentally, I shan’t be using such valuable research on that useless rabble) I was interrupted by an unexpected homeland acquaintance.

Kind of a strange coincidence that Mary’s relative flees to Darnassus that soon after I get here, but I did emphasise that I had informed her I was leaving Stormwind when she seemed surprised to see me; I get the feeling she wasn’t listening.

With a last conversation with the slightly more millitant fellow ( I don’t think he was hugely fond of foreigners) that concluded my first day in Darnassus with any actual elf-contact.

In Summary; I learnt very little other than ‘elves have similiar social interactions’ and that I have a lot of searching to do – be it through conversation, questioning or just studying the range of herbs Kalimdor (and offshooting islands) has to offer.


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